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Anonymous asked:

ur hamsuck


I like Homestuck as a secondary fandom, or in this case… more like a third. I’m a furry at the most and a Skyrim nerd second. I don’t. Care. About Homestuck. I like what… two of the characters? But for the comic itself, I don’t… want to be apart of it. Sorry.  


Hi folks!

So I only have about six commissions left in my queue… and I need a little money for rent and food, so I’m opening up commissions!

Things I will do:

- nsfw
- kinky stuff
- oc/canon characters

Pricing is negotiable! I work hourly, so if you would like a quote, please email me! Sketches start at about 15$ for a halfbody/bust, and increase from there depending on the style of art you are interested in!

Please email me at: NEROSFISHBOWL@GMAIL.COM For more information and a more detailed quote!

Also I’d really appreciate reblogs!! Money is getting a smidge tight so it would mean a lot to me :)

Thank you!

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