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alas, a couple weeks ago i had to quit my job where i was being harassed by two different men so i’m in need of the dosh. as stated above its $20 for some sweet full body action, but $17 if you give me an oc or jojo character because oh boy do i love those. 

things i will draw for you include:

  • characters who are trans/cis/agender/ANYTHING
  • nsfw
  • larger built characters even though i don’t have an example above
  • blood/gore
  • any character from the popular web series homestuck
  • your fantroll/kid for the popular web series homestuck
  • basically any “fandom”
  • they can be doing pretty much whatever your heart desires

things i will not draw for you:

  • poop
  • you or any celebrities/real life people (i will, however, draw a character portrayed by a real life person)
  • if you’re uncertain about anything else just ask

PLEASE if you have any certain headcanons for a character PLEASE PLEASE SPECIFY because otherwise i will draw them how i see fit

if you’re interested email me at






if you think you have a powerful fandom just remember that touhou fans made their own professional quality anime

Just remember that touhou fans made their own full-length Castlevania parody game with a full soundtrack, fantastic character art and professional voice actors. Twice.





Touhou is made by one constantly drunk guy.

Touhou is made by one constantly drunk guy.


Well here’s my first take on the new femmebot, Strongarm, for the new animated series of Transformers Robots in Disguise (seriously why that name? There already was another animated RID 10 years ago and an ongoing comic with same name).

Nice to see a new non-skinny female bot that transforms into a truck instead of a bike or a small car. And after seeing the debut trailer I am very looking forward for the new series.

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